Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms of Use for the official website (“our website”) of Tanzania National Parks (“TANAPA”). TANAPA reserves the right to update the Terms of Use at any time, without notice. These terms of use will be governed by and construed in accordance with Tanzania laws.

1.0 Disclosures

1.1 The full name and legal status of the website owner (our websites) is:

Trustees of The Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA);

1.2 The full address of the website owner is as per term number 9 of these terms

and conditions;

1.3 The website address of this website is: www.tanzaniaparks.go.tz;

1.4 E-mail address: cc@tanzaniaparks.go.tz/dg@tanzaniaparks.go.tz/


1.5 Main business: Sustainable Conservation of national parks;

1.6 A full price list (park fees) is contained on this website setting out conservation

fees, concession fees, specified tourism activities fee, fines and other related fees;

1.7 Payment is as described in the respective park fees page;

1.8 Services will be rendered once reservation is confirmed by way of payment and

fulfillment of other relevant conditions.

2.0 Reservation

2.1 The online reservation does not constitute an agreement between TANAPA and

a User, but constitutes an offer which may or may not be accepted by TANAPA;

2.2 TANAPA reserves the right to decline or execute a booking at its absolute

discretion, without the necessity to provide any reasons. TANAPA also reserves

the right to cancel reservation at its sole discretion.

3.0 Policy on Cinematographic or Photographic Materials

3.1 The conduct of cinematographic or photographic activities shall be governed but

not limited to the National Parks Act and regulations, circulars, orders,

guidelines made there under;

3.2 Nobody in a national park shall undertake "the filming and simultaneous

transmitting of photographic images by the use of a webcam or other image

recording or transmitting device", unless a filming permit has been previously

sought and obtained;
3.3 The making of a cinematographic film or the taking of photographs in a national

park for a commercial purpose - either directly or indirectly - is unlawful unless

a filming permit has been previously sought and obtained. The procedure for

obtaining a filming permit is contained in this website;

3.4 The use of any of the cinematographic film or photographs contained on this

website, or any cinematographic film or photographs obtained from any

National Park, without the necessary permit, is unlawful;

3.5 The owner of this website has the right to raise any claim (s) in relation to its

intellectual property right.

4.0 Non-Compliance

TANAPA reserves the right to use IP addresses and cookies to identify users, when we feel it necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use, Rules and Policies, or to protect our rights, services or website.

Any non-compliance with our Terms or rules and policies will be met with the disclosure of user information to law enforcement authorities. TANAPA reserves the right to disallow access to this website.

5.0 Agreement(s)

5.1 No information or data on this website constitutes an offer to do business, but is

merely an invitation to give an offer;

5.2 No agreement shall be concluded merely by sending a data message to this

website or its owners. Valid agreements require an acceptance of an offer by the

Trustees of Tanzania National Parks;

5.3 No e-mail message shall be deemed to have been received by TANAPA until a

response has been issued by TANAPA. An automated response shall not be

treated as a response issued by TANAPA.

6.0 Illegal Access and Interception

6.1 Illegal access to our online systems, pages, accounts and sites is contrary to laws

of Tanzania and constitutes an offence under section 4 (1) (2) of the cyber crime

Act, No.14 of 2015;

6.2 Unless the context indicates otherwise— “illegal access” includes the actions of a

person who, after taking note of any data, becomes aware of the fact that he or

she is not authorized to access that data and still continues to access that data;

6.3 A person who intentionally accesses or intercepts any data without authority or

permission to do so, is guilty of an offence;

6.4 A person who intentionally and without authority to do so, interferes with data

in a way which causes such data to be modified, destroyed or otherwise

rendered ineffective, is guilty of an offence;

6.5 A person who unlawfully produces, sells, offers to sell, procures for use, designs,

adapts for use, distributes or possesses any device, including a computer

program or a component, which is designed primarily to overcome security

measures for the protection of data, or performs any of those acts with regard to

a password, access code or any other similar kind of data with the intent to

unlawfully utilize such item to contravene this section, is guilty of an offence;

6.6 A person who utilizes any device or computer program in order to unlawfully

overcome security measures designed to protect such data or access thereto, is

guilty of an offence;

6.7 A person who commits any act described in this section with the intent to

interfere with access to an information system so as to constitute a denial,

including a partial denial, of service to legitimate users is guilty of an offence.

7.0 User Consent

By using this website the user consents to the following:

7.1 TANAPA may disclose users’ information to entities or departments with

which TANAPA has a business relationship for commercial reasons;

7.2 TANAPA retains the copyright in its databases of personal information of


7.3 TANAPA may use the users’ personal information for communication purposes

from time to time. Users may indicate if they do not wish to receive such


7.4 TANAPA may use users’ information for non-personal statistical purposes;

7.5 In addition, TANAPA may disclose any user’s information where it is legally

obliged to do so in terms of the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania;

7.6 Any personal information provided to third parties linked to our site is at your

own risk. TANAPA is not responsible for the actions or policies of such third

parties and suggest that you check the applicable privacy policy of such third

party before providing personal information;

7.7 Our website is not intentionally designed for or directed at, children under the

age of 18 years. It is our policy never to knowingly collect or maintain

information of persons under the age of 18. When posting any information to

this website or any of our other websites, blogs, online pages, social networks

and the like you agree that you are aged 18 years or older;

7.8 TANAPA reserves the right to amend its privacy policies at anytime.

8.0 Cookies

The owner shall use information automatically collected by different application

such as cookies. This information is collected to improve the interaction and

browsing facilities on the site. Cookies collect non-personal information for business

and marketing purposes. The cookies help the owner to provide a more valuable

online experience to users. You can set up your browser to disable cookies.

9.0 Contact Information

If you have any questions, queries or wish to request permission to use any part of

this website, including linking, framing, or searching please contact us at:

Conservation Commissioner,

Mwalimu Nyerere Conservation Centre

Dodoma road, Burka Estate,

P. O. Box 3134 Arusha, Tanzania

Telephone Number: 250 4033, 250 4371, 250 4082
E-mail address: cc@tanzaniaparks.go.tz