Gombe National Park

It is a thin strip of ancient forest set in mountainous cut with steep valleys clinging to the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

The park major attraction is obviously the Chimpanzees that live protected within its boundaries.

Tourist to this area will be able to do chimpanzee trekking, hiking and go to the waterfall and guided walk in the forest or along the lakeshore

The park is dominated by many steep sided ridges and valleys. This is where you will be on foot if you have come to see the chimpanzees

The scenery of Gombe is stunning with most of the 16 major valleys containing swift steams, which flow all year.

In this park you can meet the stars of the world famous chimpanzee community. Jane Goodall’s pioneering chimpanzee research began in 1960.

The Gombe Chimps are one of the most closely and continuously studied populations

Sharing more than 98 percent of our genes, it’s a look of recognition from our closest animal relative.

The majority of the mammals in this National Park are primates, most of them forest species. Likely to be seen, in addition to the famous chimpanzees are the colorful red-tail and blue monkeys.