• Park history

 Established in 1910 as a Game Reserve, Ruaha was gazetted a National Park in 1964. The park, covering an area of 20,226 square km, is the  largest in Tanzania and second largest in Africa. Ruaha is located 125 km west of Iringa town.

  • How to get there

       - By road: 625 km from Dar es Salaam city, approximately 10 hrs drive, 125 km from Iringa, about 3hrs drive on rough road.


       - By Air: The Park is also reachable by scheduled and chartered flights from either Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Zanzibar, Dodoma or any other airport in Tanzania.

  • Best time to visit

        -  May- October (dry season) and November-April (wet season)

  • Tourism activities:

           Game drive – This activity is conducted from 0630 – 1830 HRS, no additional fee for this activity apart from conservation fee. Four wheel (4X4)  drive vehicles are recommended.

          Walking safari -Short walking safari: Designated routes are: Msembe to Ibuguziwa(4.8 km) 3hrs, Nyamakuyu to Ibuguziwa (3.6 km) 2.30 hrs, Kiganga kopjes to Mwagusi (5.4 km) 3.30hrs, R14 to Kimilamatonge peak (2.8 km) 2hrs and Mwagusi to near Sokwe (9.1 km) 4hrs.

           Long walking safari: Designated route is Kichaka to Kidabaga (33.5 km) 6 to 8 days

       Additional fees apart from conservation fees:

Category Short walking fees Long walking fees Ranger fee/group
Adult Child (>12 yrs) Adult Child (>12 yrs)
Non EAC Citizens/Tz Expatriates(US $) $ 20 $10 $25 $15 $ 20
EAC Citizens (TZS) 5,000 2,500 5,000 5,000 5,000


Refer walking safari guidelines.



  • Birding:

The park is inhabited by more than 550 bird species such as Ashy starling, Yellow- collard Lovebird, Crested barbet, Violet-crested Turaco, Plovers, Kingfisher, African hawk and Bateleur eagle. It is also visited by Eurasian migrants including rare Eleanora’s Falcon and Sooty Falcon.



  • Camping:

ü   Special campsites: There are two special campsites, Mbagi and Ifuguru. Booking through ruaha@tanzaniaparks.go.tz or booking@tanzaniaparks.go.tz is mandatory.

           Public campsites: Tembo, Kiboko and Simba campsites. Available facilities include bathroom, toilet, kitchen and dining.

       Additional fee apart from conservation

Category Special campsite fee Public campsite fee
Adult Child Adult Child
Non EAC Citizens/ Tz Expatriates US $ 50 US $ 10 US $ 30 US $ 5
EAC Citizens TZS 10,000 TZS 5,000 TZS 5,000 TZS 2,000


  • Filming:

       Filming fee: US $250 charged per person/day and covers conservation, camping and filming fees. This is applicable to all nationalities.


  • Night Game Drive: This is conducted at Mdonya, Mwangusi and Jongomero areas. Frequently seen animals are leopard, lion, genet, hippos and other nocturnal animals.

                   lion       cheetah




  • Picnicking: Eight picnic sites; Mbuni, Breakfast point, Ibuguziwa, Confluence, Mdonya kati, Mbuyu wa ngazi, Mbuyu wa tobo and Lulenga juu.




  • Major Tourist attractions

       Large populations of greater and lesser kudu, roan and sable antelope

       Great Ruaha River which is the lifeline of the park

        High diversity of birds

  • Accommodation

    Inside the park: Bandas, Luxury Tented Camps,   and several special and public campsites. Booking for bandas and special campsites is done through ruaha@tanzaniaparks.go.tz.

                bandas      bandas1


        cottage    cottage1



      Outside the park: Several hotels, guest houses and camps in the nearby village of Tungamalenga

  • Please love nature, love life observe these park rand regulations

 - Speed limit is 50kph.

 - Keep your litter inside your vehicle.

 - No pets or guns are allowed inside the park.

 - Never go for a walking safari without official permission from the park authority.

 - Stay on the authorized roads and tracks – off-road driving is not allowed.

 - Do not remove any animate or inanimate object from the park.

 - Do not blow your car horn or make any unnecessary noise.

 - Do not be more than 25M of your car at designated areas.

 - Do not kill, harass, disturb, feed or interfere with wildlife or vegetation.

 - Fees once paid shall not be refunded.

 - Do not stay out of your vehicle except at designated areas

  • Contacts

 Chief Park Warden

 Ruaha National Park

 P.O.BOX 369

 Iringa, Tanzania.

 Tel (Hotline): +255756-144400

 Email: ruaha@tanzaniaparks.go.tz