Experience nature like never before!

Manyara Treetop Walkway takes you on a sky-high adventure through the beautiful forest of Lake Manyara. Walk among the treetops, the experience untouched nature and wildlife from a unique perspective.


Treetop Walkway
This 400m canopy walk starts with a short board-walk that gradually rises from ground level up through the canopy of the forest. You walk over a series of suspension bridges with thick netting on the sides, and reach a height of 18m off the ground.


Birds-eye view of the forest
This is Tanzania's first Treetop Walkway and one of the longest in Africa. It offers a unique birds-eye view of the world around you. Enjoy life in the canopy amongst butterflies, monkeys and birds. 


Nature lovers
A great outdoor activity especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Families, couples, individuals and groups are all welcome.

The average time it takes to enjoy the Treetop Canopy Walkway is approximately 30 minutes to an hour from the time you entered the ground, allow yourself ample time to relax and enjoy the views. Please note that the walkway only allows for one-direction traffic. Guides are available to give interpretation while in the canopy as well as assisting for ease and enjoyable walk.

Only four people are on a section at a time and that everyone is spaced about 5 metres apart.

DOs and DONTs

  • You must be dressed for treetop trekking. That means closed-toe, secure, covered shoes; knee-length shorts or long pants; and clothing appropriate to the weather.
  • All children must be 6 or older and accompanied by an adult. Ages 12 and older can participate without a chaperone.
  • Please note that we may need to limit access during heavy rain and strong winds, thunder and/or lighting.

For further information and booking please email to jeff.eact@gmail.com